The complete solution for delivering stunning presentations to your congress

MediaMotor lets you arrange and collect files online, and handles distribution right into the meeting rooms.

Presenter convenience – Digital upload & professional feedack

Step one. Collect and improve presentations in order to have the best material available at the congress. Invite presenters to personal accounts where files can be added, arranged and updated. Provide templates, instructions and handle permission rights. Provide support to improve graphical design and an option to validate content.

Prepare for the event – Complete tasks and involve resources

Presentations are finalized and it is time for moderators to dive in and prepare for the event. Technicians get to validate so that the material runs as intended on the meeting room equipment. The team has access to reports that track presenter activity and has the option to approach presenters that have not yet accepted the invitation or is running late with the delivery.

Congress control – Schedule, devices, access and reporting

Sessions and appearances are set up and presenters connected. Devices that will present files and information at the venue are planned and access tokens generated. External resources that need early access to material or needs to follow progress can be invited. A reporting tool keeps track and compares progress to expectations. The team gets notified and can attend to any pending tasks.

Meeting day – Files and information gets delivered

All MediaMotor devices are connected and ready to cope with any last minute changes. Verified presentations are sent to the meeting room clients and cast without incidents. A few remaining ones are being collected in the preview room. The team is in control and can focus on solving any remaining tasks. Well-prepared presenters and moderators deliver a spectacular performance and the audience is ecstatic.

Automated file transfer

Deliver presentations all the way into the meeting room

Let MediaMotor take care of the file distribution. Invite presenters to upload their presentations directly online or setup an upload centre at the congress venue. MediaMotor keeps track and delivers everything according to the agenda programme. A file can be sent to multiple locations. A late change to the programme? No problem, one change to the agenda and all MediaMotor devices adhere.

Versatile agenda control

Changes are instant, everywhere

Build the agenda directly into the MediaMotor. Prepare sessions with appearances and invite presenters to populate MediaMotor with their presentation files. Give each session a room location where the files should be sent.

Need to move a session to another room, add an appearance or substitute a presenter? Update the agenda and changes take place everywhere instantly.

Provide external resources direct access

Extend teams’ options to come prepared

Moderators, reviewers and AV-technicians can be allowed direct access to uploaded files 24/7. The team will be more self-going and always know where to turn for added content.
Reviewed and improved material, prepared moderators, and files that have been pre-tested on the actual meeting-room equipment will allow for a better show and give the audience a better experience.

Work where you are

Available anywhere, anytime

MediaMotor can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, by any team member (if they have been granted privileges). All updates are made directly into the system and made available to everyone else instantly.
Team members are no longer bound to an office and can keep working on a congress regardless of location. Updates can be made directly during planning meetings and changes can be verified by the customer

Real-time progress tracking

Status reports delivered to your dashboard

MediaMotor directs attention to tasks that needs to be handled promptly to help the team stay away from any critical situations. Various reports exist and a dashboard can be customized to showcase a selection that is best suited to complete any given task. It can be shared on a large screen for easy team access or via a tablet for those on the go.

API – powered

Missing a feature? Framework enables rapid app development

MediaMotor is built around an API-controlled backend that stores, sorts, and transfer files. The API functions as a security layer that allows for development of new services with a high level of customization. It also protects the backend integrity by only allowing approved calls to the databases.
Let us know how we can develop your “killer feature”.

Scalable & secure platform

Cloud service with offline capabilities

MediaMotor runs on a global CDN (Content Delivery Network). Our solution is distributed over numerous servers and access is blazing fast from anywhere. There is no downtime and no bottle-necked databases. MediaMotor is designed to work with any meeting size.
Worried about internet connectivity at the venue? MediaMotor apps can be set to download and run files from a local storage. Once synchronized, a computer can be taken offline and managed on its own.

Impress the audience

Create outstanding performances

Get the team together and start working on the presentations right away. Prepare presenters with instructions, templates and notifications and allow them to conveniently upload, update and arrange their appearances ahead of the meeting. Let reviewers suggest design and content improvements. Put moderators into a better position to prepare. Allow technicians to perform tests to make sure the meeting room equipment can cast presentations as intended.

Hardware freedom

Run meetings on your own equipment

Keep working with your preferred suppliers. MediaMotor runs in the cloud and all you need to set up and administrate your congress is to register an account. MediaMotor apps needed to access files and display information can be installed on your own equipment.

If you are in need for a full package, we do offer to manage your congress online and can provide hardware and technicians on site.

Information transparency

Keep information available and current. Be in a better position to react!

Avoid situations where a single person keeps data that could be vital to others (inbox, local document) or a solution that cause a delay between information retrieval and distribution (notes on paper).
With MediaMotor, information is being kept within one shared resource. Everyone will spend less time searching for answers and more time focusing on what needs to be done.

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MediaMotor is an open-ended, highly scalable, accessible, user-friendly solution that requires minimal it-knowledge to run. Customers are able to use their own equipment at venues to cast presentations and information displays.

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